Say hello to balcony season! As the weather gets warmer, the outdoors will be beckoning your name and Greenrock balconies have some of the best views Toronto has to offer. Learn how you can transform your space into a relaxing and inviting oasis in five easy steps that are both eco and budget friendly:

Take your plants to new heights

Propping up a garden trellis is an excellent way to add a splash of greenery and colour to your otherwise bare balcony, providing a supportive display for a wide variety of climbing plants such as Clematis, Climbing Roses, Sweet Peas, or Morning Glory. You can find trellises at almost any garden or home improvement store and there are so many materials and shapes to choose from. Wood trellises add a touch of rustic charm or if modern oasis is more your style, opt for metal or resin.

Experiment with different textures

Mixing and matching textures can help you achieve a magazine-worthy atheistic without stretching your budget. Lay down a woven outdoor rug to ground your space and create a cozy feel – jute is a popular choice for its high durability and cushiony thick weave. Contrast the natural fibers of the rug by tossing some smooth outdoor cushions on your patio furniture. A busier pattern paired with a solid print is an eye-catching combination used in many outdoor spaces.

Bring the city lights to your balcony

Outdoor string lights and lanterns cast a beautiful, warm glow perfect for setting the mood on summer evenings. Many are solar-powered and don’t require electricity to shine brightly. Check out HGTV’s website for a budget-friendly hack to create your own candle lanterns using dollar store picture frames – how genius! You can even save yourself the misery of mosquito bites by popping a citronella candle inside.

Out of sight, out of mind

Extra gardening tools and patio supplies adding unnecessary clutter to your balcony? Store everything in an outdoor storage box to keep your space looking clean and organized. It can also double as a side table to set refreshments or to store your cushions inside during a thunderstorm.

Think outside the box

Your balcony can be whatever you want it to be – a place to enjoy meals, hang out with friends, teach your dog new tricks, or practice your yoga moves. Opting for folding patio furniture can help maximize your space for those times when you want extra room. Alternatively, floor poufs are a compact and comfy seating option for when guests come over and can easily be pushed to the side when needed. Poufs also come in handy during meditation sessions or as a footrest while reading a good book.


And there you have it! Five easy steps to create a relaxing balcony space that is functional and can be customized to suit your lifestyle needs. Check out our blog to find out why renting a Greenrock suite beats living in a condo: