Church and Wellesley, otherwise known as The Village, is undoubtedly the most queer-friendly community Toronto has to offer. There are plenty of reasons to love this vibrant neighbourhood and in celebration of Pride Month, Greenrock is naming a few of its favourites:

Arts and Culture

The neighbourhood’s thriving arts scene is widely celebrated with several must-see spots to check out including:

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre – Established in 1972, this is the largest and longest-running queer theatre in the world.  

Glad Day Bookshop – The first queer-focused bookstore in Canada, and the oldest queer bookstore in the world.

Church St. Mural Project – If you are looking for an Instagram-worthy backdrop to snap selfies in front of, Church Street is the place to be. As part of a beautification project for the neighborhood in 2013, a series of murals were painted by local artists before Toronto played host to World Pride the following year.

Night Life

Church Street is home to the best bars and clubs in the city and this Pride Month, there will be no shortage of crowds lining up to celebrate ‘Village’ style. If you are a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race, you won’t be disappointed by Crews and Tangos and Woody’s and Sailor.

A Welcoming Community to Call Home

Village Green dog park

Greenrock’s Village Green community is among the first apartments built in the Church and Wellesley neighbourhood in the 1960’s. Greenrock was named Property Manager of the Year in 2021 by the Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations (CFAA) and offers a safe, welcoming, and inclusive home to people of all ethnic backgrounds, gender identities, and sexual orientations.

Over the past decade, Village Green has undergone an incredible transformation to its landscape and grounds. What was once a standard complex of multi-unit apartments is now a lush community oasis. Village Green is also one of few rental properties in the city to offer a private off-leash dog park exclusive to residents.

Unlike many of Toronto’s newer apartments and condos, Village Green boasts spacious suites that offer stunning skyline views without comprimising on square footage. View available suites online and book a tour with us today.

Village Green will be showing its Pride this year by lighting up its towers rainbow. Snap some pictures on your next evening walk and tag us on Instagram @greenrockvillagegreen.