November 29th marks the world’s largest generosity movement and Greenrock invites you to take part in spreading kindness with us! Giving Tuesday is all about creating positive change in the communities around us and there are many different ways to give. To spark your creativity, Greenrock has compiled a list of simple ways you can make an impact in your Greenrock community this Giving Tuesday.

  1. Share Some Praise

A simple compliment can have a powerful effect on someone’s self-esteem and overall happiness. Boost someone’s spirits by telling a friend, family member, neighbour, or even Greenrock team member something you admire or appreciate about them. It’ll be sure to make their day and yours!

  1. Shop Local for the Holidays

Getting a head start on your holiday shopping? Consider buying local. You’ll feel good knowing you are supporting a small shop and contributing to the local economy, and the gifts you’ll find will likely be more unique than the big box stores. BlogTO has a guide of local shops to check out on its website sorted by neighbourhood.

  1. Lend a Helping Hand

Consider asking an elderly neighbour if you can pick up any items on their grocery list for them. This favour could be a huge lifesaver for people with mobility issues in your building. Likewise, holding the door open or offering to carry their bags is an easy way to put a smile on someone’s face and make their day a bit easier.

  1. Donate Your Time

Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community and meet new people while supporting a cause you are passionate about. If you are not sure what opportunities are available, organizations like Volunteer Toronto can help set you up with volunteer positions around the city.

  1. Toss Litter Where It Belongs

The next time you are waiting for your bus or going for a walk around your neighbourhood, challenge yourself to pick up five pieces of litter and throw them in a nearby garbage/recycling can. It may not seem like it will make a big impact, but your community and the planet will thank you.

  1. Reduce Your Waste

Another way to be kind to the environment this Giving Tuesday is to try cutting back on how much garbage your household produces. If you usually throw out two to three bags of garbage per week, see if you can get by with just one to reduce the amount of waste overwhelming our landfills.

  1. Donate Your Gently Loved Items

For a lot of families struggling financially, the holidays can be an especially difficult time of year. Consider donating any clothing or toys your family has outgrown or are no longer using to Salvation Army, Value Village, Diabetes Canada, or a similar organization so all families have the chance to bring home some gifts for their loved ones.

To learn how Greenrock actively supports its community through annual resident donations, volunteer initiatives, awareness-building campaigns, and other philanthropic endeavours, we encourage you to check out Greenrock’s charitable arm, Greenrock IMPACT.