On Wednesday, June 12, the Greenrock team attended the Real Estate Management Industry (REMI) Network Tradeshow at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Greenrock employees interacted with the engaging and informative trade show, while also participating in the mid-tier builds forum, where Greenrock COO, Justin Taylor sat as a panelist.

During the mid-tier building forum, the panel covered many topics from government incentives, energy efficiencies, tenant satisfaction and long-term planning. Justin highlighted the transformations and opportunities facing mid-tier building management companies. When asked what Greenrock does well in regard to handling both tenant happiness and financial responsibilities, Justin eagerly responded;


"We have a Rockstar ethos at Greenrock, and as a result, our real estate is a place for people, not buildings. We need to look at where our costs lie, and what costs will result in efficiencies… looking to the now, see what we need for the future, but also seeing how we can achieve those goals holistically, as this truly is an integrate process."

The REMI Show provides a platform to connect professionals in the real estate industry while delivering practical and timely information focused on keeping buildings clean, green and operating in a sustainable and energy efficient fashion. The conference weighed heavily on the focus of building operations, cleaning and maintenance, energy efficiency, sustainability and new technologies.