On behalf of the Greenrock Resident Services team, we thank you for taking time to share your honest feedback with us in the 2021 satisfaction survey. Greenrock received an average rating of 4.23 stars for overall living experience and most were satisfied with Greenrock’s friendly and knowledgeable staff, clean and well-maintained buildings, and community-minded response to the pandemic. We also learned some important feedback on areas for improvement. With your participation, we can make consistent improvements to our service and deliver the best experience to our residents. Below is a summary of the most reported concerns from your survey responses and how we plan to address them: 

Maintenance Requests

A few of you shared with us some issues you were experiencing with our current maintenance follow-up process. To ensure your maintenance requests are resolved in a timely manner, a new feature is now available in the Greenrock Resident Access Service Portal (GRASP) that allows you to rate your recent experience and indicate whether your maintenance issue has been properly resolved. This is the quickest way to flag any issues with your maintenance experience; however, if you do not currently have access to GRASP, please report any concerns by calling or emailing the Resident Services Centre

Laundry Machines

If you find you have issues with the laundry machines, there is also a link in GRASP that connects you directly to our laundry machine provider’s website to request refunds and report faulty units. Each machine has a specific number on the front that comes in handy when submitting your requests. You can also give us a call or email with your concerns and we will reach out to the provider on your behalf.

Package Theft

To improve the safety and reliability of package deliveries, we are excited about a new mail delivery system coming soon to Davisville Village and Village Green. Smart Parcel Lockers are a secure and contactless mail delivery method featuring large touch screens, keypads, and CCTV video surveillance. Detailed notices will be sent to all residents once the installation dates are confirmed. 

Noise Concerns

With more people at home, it is no surprise that noise complaints are becoming a more frequently reported issue in apartment and condo buildings. It is important to note that while designated quiet hours are between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., all residents are entitled to reasonable enjoyment of their homes at all times of the day and night. We kindly ask that residents are mindful of one another and avoid any loud noises that may disturb your neighbours. 

If you hear excessive noise coming from a neighbouring suite or floor, make sure to report it right away to Security so our team can investigate the disturbance. 

No Smoking Policy

All Greenrock buildings have a strict no-smoking policy in suites, on balconies, and any of the common areas. There are no-smoking notices posted on GRASP and printed in the common areas. 

We ask that any residents who smell smoke within the building call Security and the Resident Services Centre immediately so we can investigate the source of the smell and issue a warning notice. 

Water Shut Off

We replaced the boilers at 45 Balliol this past year to ensure better consistency of heat and hot water. The nature of the work required a series of shutdowns throughout the process of the machinery being replaced. We provided ample notice in advance of the work and we thank our residents for their understanding while we improve the building. This work is complete and we do not foresee any further issues.  
At 50 Alexander, the water shutoffs last year were a mix of required maintenance upgrades and emergency repairs. As always, we strive to minimize the impact of these shutdowns by providing advance notice when possible. 

We assure residents, where possible, we take preventative steps to minimize water shutoffs; however, there are times when emergencies require shutdown of systems to make repairs. We will continue to provide notice for planned shutdowns and updates when emergencies take place and we apologize for the inconvenience. 

Pest Control

Greenrock takes a preventative approach to pest control by treating common areas on a weekly basis. Because pests are particularly attracted to apartment buildings and it is often difficult to pinpoint the source, we rely on active participation and timely updates from residents to effectively treat and manage pest issues in individual suites. If you are experiencing any type of pest in your suite, please do not self-treat and advise the Resident Services Centre at the first sighting. 

Thank you again for participating in the 2021 Greenrock Resident Services Satisfaction Survey. Your feedback is so important for us to keep improving and deliver the best possible service to you, our valued residents.