Working For Greenrock

Creating exceptional experiences each and every day for the people we meet whose lives intersect with the places we manage is what we're all about - and that includes the people that work with us to make it all happen.

As an employer, Greenrock is committed to creating an environment that encourages people to collaborate, learn and grow – all for the shared betterment of individual, the team and the community. We are dedicated to treating the members of our team with warmth, respect and fairness while providing them with opportunities to develop professionally and be rewarded for a job well done. Our compensation package includes a competitive base salary, health and dental benefits as well as additional wellness and educational benefits to promote both personal and professional growth.

Greenrock is dedicated to building an organization that reflects the diversity of their residents and the communities they serve. This includes diversity in languages spoken, culture, race, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Have a look at our current opportunities - it might be time to make your move and join Greenrock's ROCKSTAR Team!