Canada has faced many changes this past year that will affect the way we live for many years to come, but one important piece of our history that should not be forgotten this February is Black History Month.  This is a time for us to all come together, albeit virtually, and celebrate the incredible achievements of Black Canadians.  

Take a step back in time 

On February 12, 2021 from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m., the University of Toronto's Anti-Racism and Cultural Diversity office department is hosting a free screening of Mina's Shum's "Ninth Floor". The documentary recalls upon a revolutionary moment in Canada's history involving a group of Black students who protested institutional racism at Montreal's Sir George Williams University in 1969.  

 Open your ears to Black voices 

Take a break from your usual podcasts, and check out the Toronto Public Library's curated "Black Voices" playlist on YouTube. The videos include discussions by academics, writers, and other prominent leaders in the Black community, with each topic serving some serious food for thought. There is also a reading list featuring works by Black authors on TPL's website.  

Shop Black-owned businesses 

Let's face it, with boredom at an all-time high, many of us are turning to retail therapy for a quick serotonin boost. Instead of handing your money over to the big-box stores, why not support a local Black-owned business? There is a whole business directory online with Toronto shops on's website

Make a Contribution 

Show you care by donating to a charity that supports Black Canadians. One you may consider is the Black Solidarity Fund, which includes more than 70 charities focused on advancing social services, economic opportunities, mental health supports, advocacy efforts, and access to education. Visit Canada Helps' website for more information about the fund, as well as other charities that support Black Canadians.  

Greenrock IMPACT is devoted to celebrating cultural diversity and directly supports several charitable organizations that serve Black Canadians through its annual donation programs. To learn more about Greenrock IMPACT's latest initiatives, visit