With another stay-at-home order in place, most of us are itching to find activities to keep occupied this January. Prevent the winter blues from creeping in by checking out Greenrock's latest list of lockdown-friendly pastimes to partake in while following Premier Ford's orders to "stay à la maison":  

  1. Discover what's NEXT in Toronto's music and art scene   

Running out of reading material? Free copies of Canada's NEXT magazine are now available in Greenrock laundry facilities. Its vibrant, glossy pages feature the industry's top musicians, fashion, and food trends—a must-read for anyone looking to stay in the loop.  

  1. Give your suite a décor refresh 

After being cooped up indoors for so long, it is only natural to feel tired of your space. Revive your love for your suite by changing the layout of your furniture. Even hanging a few new pieces of art with command strips can make your suite feel like a whole new space.  

  1. Skip the long grocery store line and try a meal kit company  

Add some excitement to your evening by signing up for a Canadian meal kit delivery service. These kits are a great way to switch up your usual recipes and try new ingredients. You may even level up your cooking skills along the way. Not sure what brand to go with? Check out reviews of Canada's top meal kit companies on the Food Network's blog.  

  1. Pair Up with a Pen Pal 

Dropping a letter off at the mailbox is the perfect opportunity to stretch your legs and go for a short stroll. With video call fatigue at an all-time high, there is something so rewarding about putting pen to paper. Ask a friend or family member to join in and send you something special back. There is even a whole Pinterest board dedicated to ideas for pen pal letters.  

  1. Make a Bucket List  

Optimism is defined as having hopefulness for the future. Hold onto the hope that the pandemic will soon end by jotting down a list of travel destinations or restaurants you'd like to visit. It may seem silly at first but having that list on your phone or bulletin board could really lift your spirits this winter. 

Looking for more ideas to stay entertained? Check out Greenrock's previous blog on how to beat boredom from the comfort of your suite.